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Get trade-in value

Don’t miss out on the value of your trade-in


When you trade-in your current vehicle at Chelsea Motors, you lower the amount of money needed to finance your next car.

Save more on Michigan sales tax with a trade-in by taking advantage of the Michigan trade-in sales tax credit.

Increase your down payment on a new car with your trade-in and give yourself more financing options.

Save time on paperwork and reduce the amount of hassle associated with a private car sale.

Don’t worry if you still owe money on your current loan, we’re interested in your trade-in even with a loan balance.

The reality of private car sales

Selling your car in a private sales takes time and patience. Here are some things to consider before doing so:

Private car sales takes a lot time and you will still have to pay car insurance, payments and taxes up until the deal is sealed.

Finding a serious buyer vs. someone trolling or just shopping on the internet can be a hassle.

Even if you think you have a serious buyer, people back out at the last minute all the time, leaving you without a sale.

Be prepared to spend money fixing even the tiniest issue just to please your potential private sale.

Have a stranger drive your car is risky, are you prepared to just let anyone drive your vehicle?

If you want to sell your car right away, there’s no telling how long it could take, days, weeks, months.

Like people? Get used to random people coming by to “check it out,” and buttering them up to give you money.

There’s no guarantee after all is said and done you will be able to get the price you want.

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